EMN's new single... "100% pure kick ass"

Resurrect The Faithful
Brian BasherHard Rock Nights

Tired of veteran bands releasing subpar new material? You don’t have to worry about that with the new Every Mother’s Nightmare release, ‘Resurrect the Faithful.’ This hard-hitting collection of songs show EMN in fine form. From the one-two punch of album openers ‘Getaway’ and ‘Breathe’ to the contemplative ‘When it Goes Away’ to the lush epicness of ‘Fray,’ the album is a whirlwind of huge sonics and thought-provoking lyrics. Two horns up!

Resurrect The Faithful
Chris CzynszakDecibel Geek Podcast

This by far is the best album from EMN - I cannot overstate the need to get this release! What I really like is there is something for everyone. Doesn’t all sound same.

Resurrect The Faithful
Michael James HollensteinThe Record Machine Show

I’ve been listening to “Breathe” on repeat for the last hour. The ethereal intro draws you into a maleate rhythm that grabs you by the Boo Boo and just gets tighter. I was so immersed in this song that I actually forgot to breathe a couple times.

Every Mother's Nightmare has struck gold in 2020 with Resurrect the Faithful. Heavier than previous releases, but still the unmistakable tone of front man Rick Ruhl. This has got to be a crowd pleaser and a great follow up to 2017's album Grind.

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‘Breathe’ to Debut Friday September 25th

‘BREATHE’ Debuting September 25th EMN (EVERY MOTHER’S NIGHTMARE) is debuting the video for their new single ‘Breathe’, Friday September 25th at The track is also making its way to radio and comes from the October 23rd release ‘Resurrect The Faithful’. Also on tap, the new EMN documentary ‘Here’s To The Ones’ will also premiere at social media on Sunday September 27th at 3:33 PM EST with a live Q&A…


Resurrect The Faithful Album Details

‘RESURRECT THE FAITHFUL’ is the provocative new album from EMN (Every Mother’s Nightmare)! 11-tracks of larger-than-life new music featuring the first single Breathe and a new recording of their top hit Love Can Make You Blind. With each album EMN (Every Mother’s Nightmare) continues to capture fans and take them on a never ending musical…


New Documentary Premiering On Bravewords

BraveWords’ new online experience, Streaming For Vengeance, continues with Here’s To The Ones – an Every Mother’s Nightmare documentary, and band Q&A, broadcasting live on Saturday, September 27th at 3:33 PM Eastern. You can watch this live stream on the BraveWords Facebook page. For more information on Streaming For Vengeance visit this location. Here’s To…