Hey Nightmares!

Our latest ‘BACKTRAXX’ is out now. We’re told this one is the hardest to find, well no more. ‘BACKTRAXX’ has been re-packaged, remastered and we threw in a few bonus tracks to give 60+ minutes of music. Visit our store to get your copy. Be sure to request the new single ‘Southern Way’ at your fav radio station and watch for the new video coming in May.

Southern Way
Muddy Water
Seasons Change
Ride The Train
Lookin’ In
Stoned On TV
Outside The Circle
Too Far Gone
Shotgun [Traxx Demo Session] Sunday [Traxx Demo Session] Young Man Blues [Traxx Demo Session]




Also out is ‘GRIND’ on VINYL! This was a long time coming but our label persevered and got it done. This is a very cool GREEN translucent vinyl collector’s piece. Get it while it lasts!


Side A
Loco Crazy
Upper Hand
Blown Away
Sacred Circle
Days Are Through

Side B
Stand Up
Swing Again
Closet Down The Hall (Live)
Walls Come Down (Live)
Push (Live)