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Catch Rick On The Record Machine Show

RIck Ruhl is the special guest on The Record Machine Show with James Michael Hollenstein.  Rick talks about the new album and what’s coming up for  (EMN) EVERY MOTHER’S NIGHTMARE.

American rock band (EMN) EVERY MOTHER’S NIGHTMARE hails from Memphis, Tennessee and is a quintessential artist that never follows trends doing things their own way. Good or bad, it was their way that put the band on the map when (EMN) EVERY MOTHER’S NIGHTMARE was signed by the legendary Clive Davis in years past.

Watch our video for the new single, “Breathe” below.

Resurrect The Faithful Album Details

‘RESURRECT THE FAITHFUL’ is the provocative new album from EMN (Every Mother’s Nightmare)! 11-tracks of larger-than-life new music featuring the first single Breathe and a new recording of their top hit Love Can Make You Blind. With each album EMN (Every Mother’s Nightmare) continues to capture fans and take them on a never ending musical ride. ‘RESURRECT THE FAITHFUL’ takes the band to new musical heights. ‘RESURRECT THE FAITHFUL’ due out October 23, 2020 on HighVolMusic.

‘RESURRECT THE FAITHFUL’ can be pre-ordered at:

Recorded at Supernova Sound Memphis, ‘RESURRECT THE FAITHFUL’ differs from any of its predecessors. With a unique wall of guitars and a thunderous rhythm section, ‘RESURRECT THE FAITHFUL’ stands above anything the band has written and crosses various musical boundaries. The lyrical content delves into profound subject matter that can be determined by the listener as it relates to their own lives and situations. Each song takes on a life of their own – 11 scorching tracks of pure rock ‘n roll bliss at its finest and perhaps the most defining record in the bands career.

‘RESURRECT THE FAITHFUL’ may be a shock to many; including the 2020 re-record style of the hit ‘Love Can Make You Blind.’

Every Mother's Nightmare - Resurrect The Faithful

Track Listing:

Here’s To The One’s
Sin In My Heart
When It Goes Away
Resurrect The Faithful
Sorry Today
Drown By Luv
Love Can Make You Blind (2020)

“‘RESURRECT THE FAITHFUL’ is a true testament of everything that EMN is today,” says vocalist Rick Ruhl. “This is the best album of my career; it is perfect in every way – at least for us. There isn’t a song on it that I wished I could go back and fix or do differently. All of these songs were written and recorded during some very dark times both personally and all around. Only the strong survive and EMN is still here.”

Bill Chavis President of HighVolMusic said, “Over the past five years, I’ve had the honor to establish a true friendship with Rick Ruhl and have a tremendous respect for him. I’ve learned where he’s been, how he got there, how he fought back to save himself, his band, and his career. I was awestruck by his simple approach towards life, his industry experiences and in a way that has now inspired me in making some of my own decisions. The man is a true talent, a rock star and smarter than he will ever let on. No one knew what to expect when we signed our record deal but as a team we have set goals and conquered them. I have had the privilege of watching EMN roar back to life and here we are right now at this point in time. ‘RESURRECT THE FAITHFUL’ is by far the best album from EMN.”

‘Here’s To The Ones – A Documentary’, is a tell all story in the making of the latest album ‘RESURRECT THE FAITHFUL’ by the American hard rock band Every Mother’s Nightmare. The documentary will make its worldwide premiere September 27th on the social networks.

Written by Bill Chavis, directed by Nick Hein and Bill Chavis, ‘Here’s To The Ones – A Documentary’, is a project developed by HVM Entertainment in 2020 showing the behind the scenes look at the creation process of the band’s most pivotal album of their career.

Filmed on location at Supernova Sound Memphis in Tennessee, the film shows the band discussing their demo, writing and recording processes for the new material as well as who and what EMN is as a band today.

Plans for release include a Roku release, a stand-alone DVD version packed full of additional footage, and never scene before live performances just in time for the holiday season.

Here's To The Ones An EMN Documentary


Rick Ruhl (vocals)
Troy Fleming (bass)
John Guttery (guitars)
Travis ‘Gunner’ Butler (guitars)
Allan Bone (drums)

American rock band (EMN) EVERY MOTHER’S NIGHTMARE hails from Memphis, Tennessee and is a quintessential artist that never follows trends doing things their own way. Good or bad, it was their way that put the band on the map when EMN was signed by the legendary Clive Davis in years past. With a music catalog that rises above and is a far cry from their peers, EMN has released five albums that greatly differ from one to the next. Each one telling a story of good times, trouble pasts and life experiences. It has been said that the band “writes what they live”.

EMN Online:


Every Mother’s Nightmare 1990
Wake Up Screaming 1993
Smokin’ Delta Voodoo 2000
Backtraxx 2001
Deeper Shade of Grey 2002
Live Songs from Somewhere 2002
Grind E.P. 2015
Grind 2017
Smokin’ Delta Voodoo (reissue) 2018
Backtraxx (reissue) 2019
Resurrect The Faithful 2020


For press inquiries contact:

Lori Chavis | [email protected] | 818-305-5822


Michael Brandvold | [email protected] | 415-200-8483

Check Out Our New Album Teaser

EVERY MOTHER’S NIGHTMARE (EMN)  has a new album due out this fall. Album details will be released in a few short weeks. Check out the album teaser:



In a recent interview vocalist Rick Ruhl talks about the recording of the new record;

Rick Ruhl update on the new record: “10 songs are recorded, mixed and done. We’re going back in the studio (Supernova Sound Memphis) and recording 1 more song for a total of 11. The band has performed incredibly, everyone has stepped up and kicked it in the ass. Johnny and Gunner have taken their guitar playing to a whole new level, Troy (The Viking) is as Rick Ruhlsolid as ever and has really delivered some killer bass lines on this one. And Bone…man he has really brought things to a different level in the band. His timing is spot on impeccable and his playing is first class. He’s doing things on this record that are amazing bar none. Bone and Troy have really locked in as a rhythm section. This record is really different.”

On recording the new album: “I’m really happy with this new album. Every record that I have ever recorded I was never 100% satisfied with. There was always things I found wrong with each one that I wished I could have gone back and fixed before they were released. It was always a sense of rush to get things done so it just was what it was. But on this new record I am over-the-top satisfied, it’s good, real good. The songs are strong and a left turn from anything we have ever done previously. All the ingredients are there, it’s just unbelievable the chemistry this band has and what everyone has brought to the table and what we have been able to achieve. It is like lightening in a bottle.” says Ruhl

Rick goes on to say: “When Bill Chavis said he booked us in the studio for 3 months, I was like that’s a long time and crazy. But in the end he was right. He gave us the time to do it right and make a great record. Our producer Dave Cowell along with Matt Montgomery are absolutely fantastic. From day one the studio vibe has been comfortable. Once we really dug in and got going, Dave brought so much out of us. He hears all kinds of things and does what producers should do. He also gave me the time and flexibility to do what I do so it was a real comfortable situation not just for me but for all of us.”

Rick talking about their last record Grind: “Grind was a good record. We got some good mileage out of it, rode it as long as we could, it’s time for something new. If there was any doubt about Grind and who did what, this new one is damn sure gonna clear it up for ya.”

On the title, track listing and artwork: “Well, the title has changed. I’m not going to tell it just yet but team Chavis flew in to Memphis back in March brought in a photographer and we shot all new photos of the band and did some on location stuff for the album. That photo-shoot kinda changed everyone’s mind on what we should call the album so yea there is a new title. As far as the tracks are concerned like I said there are 11 total. 1 will be a bit of a surprise I think but all of that will be released in due time. The packaging is going to be over-the-top most likely. Once Bill heard the mixes he came out of the studio eyes all big and glassy like. I knew he was already scheming a plan! That guy is always working and plotting a plan. He says the package has to match the music. He’s already sent some ideas to us. We’ve been able to have input from everyone in the band and tying it all together. We really have a great team working with us now.”

Rick talks about the release date: “It was supposed to be in June but with all this Covid-19 stuff happening things have been pushed back. Not sure when just yet, timing will be key and the album still has to be mastered. We are going with Mike Kalajian at Rogue Planet Mastering. It’s all been setup we just have to finish the last song and then its off to Mike.

Rick talks about future EMN plans: “I don’t know, this virus thing has shutdown the world. Hopefully things settle down a bit and life can resume to some normalcy. It’s just the nature of this beast right now. Chavis is working on a documentary for us. He setup a film crew to come in and film us in the studio while he was here in March. We did some Q&A about the album, the making of…and that sort of thing. So I know that is in the works right now. Like I said Bill always has something going for us. We have also been talking about releasing a single. There is a song that ties in a bit with this pandemic thing but not sure just yet when or if even that is the song. Our radio folks will build us a game plan. We are also planning a bit of a concept video or at least a bit of a story line, maybe 2 for the new record. Plus a new website is being built. So we still have a lot of things to do and get finished for when the record comes. It looks like we are still going to Europe later this year that is if things open back up. There’s probably some other stuff I’m forgetting but this is the gist of what’s happening right now. I’m anxious for everyone to hear the new record. It is nothing like we have ever done before. We are all excited for what people are about to witness. We are dedicating this to the faithful.”

Bones Interview

In 2018 drummer Allan Bone (Tokyo Roze) joined the band Every Mother’s Nightmare. Bone came in to the band a during turbulent time but after only 4 rehearsals, EMN was off to Ohio to play their first show with Allan, the HighVolMusic Summer Bash. Needless to say but we will, that he locked the job almost immediately and the band has been better for it ever since. We recently caught up with Bone for a Q&A…

Every Mother's Nightmare


Give us a little history on how you got in to music and what inspired to you to play drums.Bone

Bone: I’ve always enjoyed music from a very young age. I remember being up late several times when I was a little kid seeing Buddy Rich on the Tonight Show and being blown away. I just always thought drums were cool as shit. I loved the way Ed Shaughnessy played the theme song too. That gave me a subconscious itch, and then I discovered KISS and Peter Criss. He had this massive Pearl kit and big drum riser and I was hooked.


Did you have a drum teacher or are you self-taught? If self-taught, how did you teach yourself?

Bone: I took a few lessons early on, but I really wasn’t into it. I just wanted to play rock n roll. Once I figured out how to play a 4/4 beat I was done with lessons. I wish I had studied more and learned more music theory, but I was in my rock n roll rebellious stage and didn’t wanna deal with more authority than I already had with parents and teachers at school. I started playing along with records and figuring it out on my own. I started out on Kiss, Scorpions, Priest, Maiden, AC/DC, Van Halen, and on and on.


What were the things that you practiced that brought you the best results?

Bone: I just practiced playing songs that I loved. The more I played, the better I got, and the more I loved it.


Let’s talk a bit about foot technique. What advice can you give readers about developing speed and accuracy?

Bone: My right foot isn’t as fast as it once was (need to do some wood shedding before we go back out touring). It’s all about repetition and muscle memory. Some of these younger guys play some crazy fast double bass stuff that I can’t play, but it’s not really my thing.  A good starting point to develop right foot speed is to sit down with “Good Times Bad Times”.


What type of grip to you use on the sticks?

Bone: I play matched grip, and I hold the sticks about as close to the butt end as


What type of warm up techniques do you do?

Bone: Honestly, I rarely do any warm ups before a I just make sure my body is warm and loose and I try to stay hydrated.


How often do you practice playing the drums?

Bone: As far as me just sitting down behind the kit alone, I don’t get to practice nearly as much as I’d like to. When I’m not writing, rehearsing, or touring with EMN I play in a local cover band. We do your typical bar gigs which consist of (3) 60 minute sets. Between 5-6 of those gigs per month and 2-3 EMN rehearsals each week, I get a lot of time behind the kit. I’ve always enjoyed trying new licks during a gig, mainly because it’s the only chance I have to develop my chops. I have a couple of drummer buds here that like to come see me play because they never know what I’m gonna do. I like to keep it fun and spontaneous. It’s kind like sex. Ya gotta change things up and keep ’em guessing or else it gets boring as f**k.


What type of player are you? Are you a flashy Tommy Lee type player or more of a John Bonham type player and why?

Bone: I used to do a lot of flashy stuff back in the twirling and throwing the sticks etc. Back when I was on the road in the 80’s on the cover circuit, I did a solo every night and lit my sticks on fire in the middle of it. It looked way cool but it was hell on drum heads. I’m really more about the feel and groove now, plus I do a good bit of singing, so I’ve got plenty going on back there.

Allan Bone of EMN

Who is your favorite drummer?

Bone: Favorite drummer?? .. That’s a tough one. Obviously Bonzo is at the top of the list, but there are so many. Tommy Aldridge was always a huge influence from his time with Black Oak and Travers, to Ozzy and Whitesnake. Ray Luzier is crazy good. Portnoy, Eric Singer, Peart (of course), Nicko, Benante. When I’m sitting around losing track of time on YouTube these days, I tend to spend a lot of time watching Brian Tichy. That guy is a beast! Phenomenal groove player and has the coolest, tastiest chops! If you’re not familiar definitely check him out!


What was your first kit and what is your ultimate drum kit?

Bone: My first kit was a blue marine pearl, Maxitone kit. It was a 4 piece kit and I added 3 roto toms. My ultimate kit is probably my current touring kit, Ludwig Vistalites. Bonzo setup, 1 up, 2 down. 24,14, 16, 18. I love em and they sound HUGE!!


Can you tell us what drum setup you are currently using in the studio and on the road?

Bone: I think I just answered this above. As far as recording, it depends on the track. I used my Vistas on about half of the upcoming album and the studio’s house DW kit on the rest. Several different snares, but mostly 2 of my Luddy supraphonics and a 8×14 black beauty.


Tell us about your cymbal setup and why this brand.

Bone: I own quite a few cymbals. Zildjian, Sabian,and Paiste, and I change them around occasionally except for my ride. I have an old 20″ Paiste color sound and I’m I love with the bell on that cymbal.


Tell us about you pedal setup and why you chose this brand.

Bone: I am currently playing a DW 5000 double pedal. I’ve tried many over the years and broken a lot of chains and foot boards along the way. I’ve had this pedal for about 7-8 years and it has been through the ringer. Road tested and thousands of hours and it’s still going strong.


You landed the Every Mother’s Nightmare gig, tell us how you landed the gig and what your experiences have been.

Bone: I’m coming up on 2 years with EMN and it’s been a great gig for me. It was a great fit from the first audition. It’s funny because Troy and Rick always say “how the hell have we all lived in the same city all these years and not known each other?!” I was hanging out at a local watering hole 2 years ago with some of my musician buds when Rick came walking up. I knew who he was since I’d seen them play from time to time over the years. He knew the guys I was hanging with and they started shooting the shit. My buddy Tracy asked Rick how things were going with EMN and he said “we’re looking for a new drummer”. Tracy, without hesitation, points at me and says “that’s your guy right there.” Rick and I talked for a quick minute and that was it. I didn’t think much of it at the time. There was alcohol involved and since I was an unknown I figured they’d go a different route. As luck would have it I went to high school with their tour mgr and Rick’s long time friend. A couple of weeks went by and I got a message asking if I was interested in the gig. I said “hell yeah!” The next question was “how easy is it for you to travel?” I replied ” my kids are grown, I’m self employed, and I’ve got a valid passport. They gave me a set list and I went in 3 days later and we blistered through about 8 songs. 2 more rehearsals and we hit the road for a few shows. They officially offered me the gig after the first show and here we are.


EMN has been around for a while now. How does the band differ from the beginning to what the band is now?

Bone: The band has been around for a long time and obviously had some personnel and changes.The thing we keep hearing, especially when people hear the new songs, is that this is by far the best version of this band. All I can say is I love all my bandmates and it feels really good when we play. Writing the album was an adventure and for the most part it went surprisingly smooth. We had a few nights where we left and weren’t really speaking to each other, but that’s just part of the process. There were 2 songs in particular that we really butted heads on, but the finished product is great and I couldn’t be happier with the album.


What have been the biggest challenges in working in a band like EMN?EMN LIve at CLub XL

Bone: Honestly, this is one of the easiest of any band I’ve worked with. As I said previously, it’s a great fit. We all get along and work well together. I think the biggest challenge has been trying to decide which of the 11 new songs would be the first single.


Are you working on a new album? If so, tell us about it.

Bone: As I’m answering this question we have recently completed recording a new album and it went to mastering a few days ago. It’s due for release in the fall. We wrote 10 new songs and recorded one that’s a surprise. This album is the heaviest thing EMN has ever done. I’m super proud of what we accomplished and can’t wait to get it out there for everyone to hear. We didn’t set out to write a heavy album or try to write hit songs or anything like that. We just did us. Our influences can definitely be heard in certain places on this one.


Tell us about what you have coming up in the next few months.

Bone: We have a few shows coming up in the next few months, depending on the stage of the world. We are preparing to shoot the first 2 videos for the first 2 singles. Things are busy with photo shoots,press, etc. I think 2021 is going to be a good year for EMN. It’s bound to be better than 2020!!!


What advice can you offer aspiring musicians?

Bone: My advice to aspiring musicians is to play as much as possible. Work with as many different players as you can. The more you play the better your chops will be, and the more people you play with, the more you’ll learn about what to do and what not to do. Be prepared and professional and always be humble. We’re all in this together and there’s no room for ego trips. Do what you love and enjoy it while you can. Play every gig like it’s your last.


Rappin with Rev – Episode 2

Reverend Ruhl is back with Episode 2 of Rappin with Rev. Rick does a Q&A session with fans of EMN. Brutally honest and open check out the next episode…