Tag: Every Mother’s Nightmare

Studio Report #1

We hit the studio Tuesday night to track the next song for the new record. Dave and Matt at Supernova Sound Memphis got us dialed in and the recording began. Troy and Allan wasted no time laying down the bass and drum tracks perfectly. This new batch of songs are going to surprise everyone! Wednesday night Johnny and Gunner will track the guitars before The Rev comes in and lays down his magic. Big thanks to HighVolMusic for backing us and making it happen. Stay tuned…


Rappin with Rev – Episode 2

Reverend Ruhl is back with Episode 2 of Rappin with Rev. Rick does a Q&A session with fans of EMN. Brutally honest and open check out the next episode…


Ages of Rock Podcast Interview Rick Ruhl


Rick Ruhl attended RockNPod 3 earlier this year and talked about what’s been going on, the forthcoming record and more. Check it out!