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Resurrect The Faithful Album Details

‘RESURRECT THE FAITHFUL’ is the provocative new album from EMN (Every Mother’s Nightmare)! 11-tracks of larger-than-life new music featuring the first single Breathe and a new recording of their top hit Love Can Make You Blind. With each album EMN (Every Mother’s Nightmare) continues to capture fans and take them on a never ending musical ride. ‘RESURRECT THE FAITHFUL’ takes the band to new musical heights. ‘RESURRECT THE FAITHFUL’ due out October 23, 2020 on HighVolMusic.

‘RESURRECT THE FAITHFUL’ can be pre-ordered at:

Recorded at Supernova Sound Memphis, ‘RESURRECT THE FAITHFUL’ differs from any of its predecessors. With a unique wall of guitars and a thunderous rhythm section, ‘RESURRECT THE FAITHFUL’ stands above anything the band has written and crosses various musical boundaries. The lyrical content delves into profound subject matter that can be determined by the listener as it relates to their own lives and situations. Each song takes on a life of their own – 11 scorching tracks of pure rock ‘n roll bliss at its finest and perhaps the most defining record in the bands career.

‘RESURRECT THE FAITHFUL’ may be a shock to many; including the 2020 re-record style of the hit ‘Love Can Make You Blind.’

Every Mother's Nightmare - Resurrect The Faithful

Track Listing:

Here’s To The One’s
Sin In My Heart
When It Goes Away
Resurrect The Faithful
Sorry Today
Drown By Luv
Love Can Make You Blind (2020)

“‘RESURRECT THE FAITHFUL’ is a true testament of everything that EMN is today,” says vocalist Rick Ruhl. “This is the best album of my career; it is perfect in every way – at least for us. There isn’t a song on it that I wished I could go back and fix or do differently. All of these songs were written and recorded during some very dark times both personally and all around. Only the strong survive and EMN is still here.”

Bill Chavis President of HighVolMusic said, “Over the past five years, I’ve had the honor to establish a true friendship with Rick Ruhl and have a tremendous respect for him. I’ve learned where he’s been, how he got there, how he fought back to save himself, his band, and his career. I was awestruck by his simple approach towards life, his industry experiences and in a way that has now inspired me in making some of my own decisions. The man is a true talent, a rock star and smarter than he will ever let on. No one knew what to expect when we signed our record deal but as a team we have set goals and conquered them. I have had the privilege of watching EMN roar back to life and here we are right now at this point in time. ‘RESURRECT THE FAITHFUL’ is by far the best album from EMN.”

‘Here’s To The Ones – A Documentary’, is a tell all story in the making of the latest album ‘RESURRECT THE FAITHFUL’ by the American hard rock band Every Mother’s Nightmare. The documentary will make its worldwide premiere September 27th on the social networks.

Written by Bill Chavis, directed by Nick Hein and Bill Chavis, ‘Here’s To The Ones – A Documentary’, is a project developed by HVM Entertainment in 2020 showing the behind the scenes look at the creation process of the band’s most pivotal album of their career.

Filmed on location at Supernova Sound Memphis in Tennessee, the film shows the band discussing their demo, writing and recording processes for the new material as well as who and what EMN is as a band today.

Plans for release include a Roku release, a stand-alone DVD version packed full of additional footage, and never scene before live performances just in time for the holiday season.

Here's To The Ones An EMN Documentary


Rick Ruhl (vocals)
Troy Fleming (bass)
John Guttery (guitars)
Travis ‘Gunner’ Butler (guitars)
Allan Bone (drums)

American rock band (EMN) EVERY MOTHER’S NIGHTMARE hails from Memphis, Tennessee and is a quintessential artist that never follows trends doing things their own way. Good or bad, it was their way that put the band on the map when EMN was signed by the legendary Clive Davis in years past. With a music catalog that rises above and is a far cry from their peers, EMN has released five albums that greatly differ from one to the next. Each one telling a story of good times, trouble pasts and life experiences. It has been said that the band “writes what they live”.

EMN Online:


Every Mother’s Nightmare 1990
Wake Up Screaming 1993
Smokin’ Delta Voodoo 2000
Backtraxx 2001
Deeper Shade of Grey 2002
Live Songs from Somewhere 2002
Grind E.P. 2015
Grind 2017
Smokin’ Delta Voodoo (reissue) 2018
Backtraxx (reissue) 2019
Resurrect The Faithful 2020


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Lori Chavis | [email protected] | 818-305-5822


Michael Brandvold | [email protected] | 415-200-8483

Here’s To The Ones


EMN (EVERY MOTHER’S NIGHTMARE) is set to release a new album this fall via their label HighVolMusic. In addition to the new album, a documentary was also filmed during the making of the album. ‘Here’s To The Ones’ is a look at the behind the scene recording process with an in-depth discussion about the album as well as conversation about EMN the band today. 

Prior to the pandemic, EMN began recording their album at Supernova Sound Memphis with producer Dave Cowell and Matt Montgomery. During the recording sessions, the idea of filming a documentary was formulated by label president Bill Chavis.

Bill Chavis explains; “The pandemic proved to be challenging but it also proved to be rewarding in that it gave us the additional time needed to not only complete the album but also film the documentary. I flew down to Memphis, TN ahead of the pandemic in March for a scheduled meeting with the band but also to preview the new material.  I had been toying with the idea of an EMN documentary for some time. When I talked with Dave Cowell and Matt Montgomery about my idea, they were more than accommodating in allowing us to take over the studio. I hired a film crew and it all just came together like it was meant to happen.”

Coming this fall, ‘Here’s To The Ones’ is directed by Nick Hein (Station 8 Productions) and Bill Chavis. Album release details plus the new video-single are scheduled for September 18th.

Here's To The Ones An EMN Documentary